Track Efficiency Automatically

ShopFloorConnect® asset utilization software uses the latest technology to collect production efficiency data from every machine in your factory, display it in real time, and produce indispensable reports (including detailed OEE reports) in a variety of formats.

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How it works

Machines send data to ShopFloorConnect over your existing Ethernet

ShopFloorConnect logs the latest status from every machine, once per second, and makes it available to you in real time.

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Reports & Alerts

Send text alerts when machines are down, and schedule the delivery of detailed reports

Our browser-based reporting and alert interface allows you to create a variety of reports on demand, or to set them up for automatic delivery.

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Machine Interface

ShopFloorConnect uses simple touch screen operator terminals

A simple machine interface allows you to automatically collect uptime, downtime reasons, and part counts from any machine.

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ShopFloorConnect can collect information from every machine in your factory.

The ShopFloorConnect Machine Interface (SMI) has been specifically designed to require only the most basic of input signals from the machine to which it is connected.

To calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), the SMI needs only to know whether or not the machine is running, and when it has made a cycle.