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SMI 2 - Machine Monitoring Interface

The ShopFloorConnect Machine Interface (SMI 2) is the fastest way to connect virtually any machine to the ShopFloorConnect Machine Monitoring Software. The SMI 2 is network-ready and factory configured to drop right in to your existing ShopFloorConnect installation and begin collecting data.

The SMI 2 is a vital part of the ShopFloorConnect Machine Monitoring System. With just a few simple connections, the SMI 2 automatically tracks uptime and production count data from any machine, and provides it to ShopFloorConnect. The SMI 2 features a user configurable machine-specific downtime reason list so that operators can indicate the reason for each significant machine stoppage.

Job and operator information can be entered into the SMI 2 using the on-screen keypad or by a bar code or other scanner connected to one of the SMI 2’s on-board USB ports. Job tracking enables ShopFloorConnect to apply ideal production rates specific to a part or process, which makes OEE calculations more accurate.

The SMI 2 is available either with an enclosure or as a panel-mount.

The SMI 2 features a downtime selection menu that takes full advantage of the touch-screen interface to streamline operator input. The SMI 2 also has an additional “Setup” input that allows ShopFloorConnect to appropriately log any time spent doing troubleshooting and setup even if the machine is cycled.

Connect Virtually Any Machine to ShopFloorConnect for Real-time Monitoring

Our Features:

ShopFloorConnect provides alot of features some of them are as follows

Quickly Connection

Quickly connects any machine to ShopFloorConnect

User Friendly

User-friendly 6.5” color touch screen interface


Available in 2 versions: enclosure or panel-mount

Lower Cost

Significantly lower cost than comparable devices

Ethernet Ready

Ethernet Ready, simply plug it in to your existing network

Fully Customizable

32 downtime codes that are fully customizable


Input Power:

  • 90-264VAC 50-60 Hz, 1A
  • 24 VDC version is also available as an option


  • *Input for cycle/parts count
  • *Input for machine running/stopped signal
  • *Input for scrap count (optional)
  • *Input for setup mode (optional) This mode allows the machine to be cycled during setup and troubleshooting while maintaining the current downtime reason and without incrementing the parts count
  • *Four inputs to automatically set the downtime to predefined reasons (optional)
  • Two on-board USB inputs for bar code or other scanners.


  • Stop circuit – Dry Contact - 30VDC, 240VAC, 4 Amp max. Used to inhibit machine restart until a downtime code is selected, and optionally to stop the machine when the part counter preset is reached

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